Our Favorite Looks from the 39th Edition of Cairo International Film Festival

Yesterday, at the opening of the 39th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival, the hottest celebrities in the region slayed with their glamorous looks. Everyone talked about how exceptionally organized the event was, and it honestly could not be compared with previous years.


The Egyptian film industry was immensely impacted after the “Arab Spring”, but it seems like a revival is taking place. To serve its original purpose the festival, indeed, was a bridge between cultures; which is why you won’t just see Egyptian or Arab celebrities on the red carpet, but international ones as well.


From the bedazzling star Liz Hurley to the honorary president Yousra, we’ve compile a list of our other favorite looks from yesterday’s opening!



Tunisian actress Hend Sabri looked stunning in a Mehdi Kallel dress


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Dora Zarrouk, who also happens to be Tunisian, made us scream “YAAS” when we saw her in this Hany El Behairy dress


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Lifestyle blogger/up and coming actress Asmaa Galal was nothing but fierce in a Rafik Zaki design


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Celebrity couple Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef were the epitome of #relationshipgoals




Is it just us or did Bushra look 200% flawless?


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Egyptian starlet Ingy El Mokkadem totally killed it in a Kojak design




Rising star Salma Abu Deif looked out of this world in a Temraza dress


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And of course, hotshot actor Asser Yassin looked amazing — especially when paired with his Dima Jewelry accessory




WE SAID THIS: Which one was your favorite look?