Fardous Abdel Hamid Does Hilarious Cameo In EL-Waseya Mosalsal

Comedy tv shows this Ramadan are almost non-existent. Other than the annual Bayoumi Fouad and Masrah Masr folks’ series, it’s mostly all ex-cons and vengeful terrorists. One series that stood out amongst weak comedy content is El-Waseya starring Akram Hosny and Ahmed Amin.

The show is about an entitled rich young man, played by Akram Hosny, who finds himself in all sorts of trouble after the death of his father. Hosny has a will to fulfill with the help of his friend, played by Ahmed Amin, before he can take his inheritance.

It’s light comedy, no exaggeration in the humor other than the unnecessary fat-shaming of Ayman Wattar, who just happens to be one of the scriptwriters. However, last night’s episode was the kind of comedy we expect when the two biggest comedians work together.

Fardous Abdel Hamid made a cameo as Refaii El-Dessouky’s famous mom. Ayman Wattar re-enacted the famous death scene by Mohamed Ramadan in El-Ostoora and it was priceless.

Watch the cameo by Fardous and Magdy Abdel Ghany below:

#الوصية | ظهور " أم رفاعي الدسوقي " يقلب موازين النتيجة في مباراة مصر و روسيا 2018

#الوصية | ظهور " أم رفاعي الدسوقي " يقلب موازين النتيجة في مباراة مصر و روسيا 2018 #زبدةلمشاهدة الحلقة من هنا:https://youtu.be/q1ZsYX_RVP4#اكرم_حسني #احمد_امين#ريم_مصطفى اشتركوا في القناة الرسمية لـ K Mediaعشان تتابعوا الحلقات أول بأولhttps://goo.gl/F3fhs7

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In that same episode, the couple has managed to remake the famous Amr Diab’s world cup song but with their unique, not short of hilarious, touches!

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