Escape The Heat With Dubai’s Icy Cryochambers, Ice Bath Workshops & Cold Water Therapies

Among the many health and wellness trends popping up in our social media feeds and our conversations are cryotherapy and cold-water immersion; the trends revolve around the concept of exposing our bodies to extremely cold temperatures which leads to many therapeutic benefits including reducing pain, boosting muscle recovery and even aiding in weight loss.

For newbies, the entire experience can be nerve-wracking as the shock of the cold water puts you in that immediate fight or flight mode. Yet, the moment you’re done, you’ll feel energized and rejuvenated, making it a truly addictive experience. If you want to hop on the icy trend, here are all the unique cryotherapy and cold water immersion experiences you can try out in Dubai.

Resync Cryochamber

This unique wellness studio boasts a wide collection of cold therapies that range from targeted areas to whole-body cryotherapy sessions. With the whole-body treatment, expect to enter an Oxygen enriched chamber with temperatures of -110° Celsius for an entire 3 minutes.

As your body cools down, you’ll get to listen to your favorite soundtrack for that added entertainment factor. The sessions can be private or a shared experience with a max of four friends. To try it out for yourself, head to Central Park Towers in DIFC for the ultimate icy experience or give them a call on this number: +971569928118.

Wim Hof Method Ice Bath Workshop

For a truly unique cold immersion experience, there is a special workshop known as the Wim Hof Method workshop led by Ferdinand Thor, a certified instructor that will be held in Dubai on June 23 at the Aura pool deck. This workshop is all about making people feel stronger, happier and healthier through three main stages that consist of breathing techniques, ice bath immersion and mental strengthening exercises.

Following the deep breathing exercises, everyone gets to try out the ice bath experience where they enter pop-up tubs filled with ice for three minutes. This exercise is said to help people learn to overcome their fears and face the cold. Beyond that, anyone attending the workshop benefits from reduced inflammation, improve athletic ability and mental health. To book your spot, head to the Seven Rooms booking page.

Wellth Cryochamber

Along with Resync, Wellth is another wellness hub that specializes in offering holistic treatments including peptide therapy, ozone sauna therapy as well as infrared therapy. Among all these treatments, they also offer the latest body therapy technologies and facilities that help to improve one’s well-being and overall health. Among their many facilities is the infamous cryotherapy chamber that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze as well as destroy dead cells.

Via Wellth

To drop it a visit and try out its treatment options, you can head to its Dubai branch located at Al Wasl Road, Jumierah 2. You can also book a session by giving them a call using this number: +97144135999.

Heal Hub’s Ice Bath

Offering holistic wellness and effective rehabilitation is Heal Hub home to everything from osteopathy and saunas to cold plunges and ice baths. Every Thursday, from 10 am to 2pm, the center hosts a guided cold water immersion session led by expert healer Elisabeth Bohler. She’s there to ease the process and make it as simple as possible. Through the ice bath, you’ll get many health benefits including enhanced blood circulation, reduced muscle inflammation and weight loss.

To book a session, you can get in touch with Heal Hub by giving them a call on +971 (0) 4 546 6152 or send them a Whatsapp message at +971 55 431 0436.

The Beast’s Mobile Ice Bath

Bringing something new to the ice-bath experience, Longevity Sports, a prominent sports club in Dubai launched “The Beast”, the world’s first mobile ice bath. Offering ease and comfort to its users, the Beast brings cold water therapy to your front door. A large truck equipped with four deep-cylinder tubs filled with freezing cold water arrives at your doorstep. From there, you and your friends enter inside and plunge into the tub for up to 15 minutes.

With “The Beast”, you’ll get to save up on your commute as well as engage in a fun unique experience with up to three friends right at your front door. To book a session, you can give them a call using this number: +971 54 565 6021.

If you are craving a way to beat the heat but also want a health boost, then you can try out any of these immersive ice experiences found across Dubai. Be sure to pre-book your sessions as many of these centers are in high demand.

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