Enough is Enough: Rawan Bin Hussein Speaks Up After Years of Marital Rape and Abuse

By Nour El-Miligi

This period is considered to be the most suitable time for all women to be brave and speak up about harassment incidents. With all the woman-driven movements going on lately, and everyone, including us, couldn’t hide their astonishment knowing that Kuwaiti Fashionista Rawan Bin Hussain is one of the ladies who has been going through brutal patterns of abuse. 

Rawan surprised her fans after announcing her separation from her husband and father of her only child, Libyan businessman Youssef Al-Maqarifi. The shock wasn’t about the separation, but rather the unveiled reasons behind the divorce.

In a brave move, the 23-year-old Kuwaiti Fashionista used her Instagram platform, detailing her abusive experience with her husband in a series of Instagram stories with shocking confessions that probably opened up a lot of wounds and triggered hurtful memories.

“Since everyone has been opening up about their harassers, I’d like to share my story too,” she wrote to start off her story that aimed at targeting middle eastern women who are still suppressed by society’s traditional rules. 

Rawan stated that she has been suffering throughout her marriage emotionally as well as physically as her husband infected her with HPV after repeatedly betraying her by sleeping with random prostitutes, which thereby pushed her into saying “I am very proud to say that I’m divorcing my husband.”

The influencer was clearly suffering mental abuse to the extent that she sought medical help and went for therapy, convinced as being unstable. “Every time I got upset, I was blamed for his mistakes, I was called out as a crazy, psychotic, unstable person because I caught the father of my baby daughter with prostitutes. I was mentally abused to the extent I did go to therapy… But the reality is, my husband is a narcissistic psychopath,” She continued. 

“The main reason why I couldn’t walk away because I saw how aggressive people were… They assumed I’m divorced and pointed fingers at me which only made the situation worse. I was scared of what they’d say and how they react, which forced me to stay in a toxic, abusive relationship,” Rawan further explained.

Despite doing everything she could to save her marriage, the abuse just didn’t stop, and that’s when she finally filed for a divorce. “To every girl who is going through an abusive relationship, please don’t compromise your wellness for anything,” Rawan wrote as final advice for her fans. “I destroyed my wellbeing for what I thought was love.”

As sad as this is, we’re glad that Rawan was given a lot of credit, support, and praise from the audience, for her courage and ability to stand up for herself and finally break the abusive cycle.

WE SAID THIS: Always have the courage to speak up!

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