Egypt’s Population Council: ‘Each Citizen Needs a EGP 5700 Salary to Live Above Poverty Line’

Via tumblr
Via tumblr


The National Population Council just told us what we already knew all along. According to Youm7, The council just released some pretty scary numbers. Our dear Egypt is currently graced with 2.6 million children a year. If the reproductive rate is four children per woman, we will end up with a population of 122 million by the year 2030, yet if each woman had 2.4 children, our population will reach 110 million by the year 2030.


Now that is not the scary part. The council’s Tarek Tawfik stated that each citizen needs a salary of EGP 2700 to live above poverty line, yet due to the Egyptian pound flotation, you need a monthly income of EGP 5700. Tawfik added that it is crucial that the National Population strategy is applied to prevent an inflation in the population and to have enough medical and nutritious resources for each citizen.



WE SAID THIS: EGP 5700?? Hmm, interesting.