Egypt’s Got Talent: Egyptian Artists Participating in Inktober

In 2009, Jake Parker started an initiative called #Inktober to practice his inking skills. He created one drawing a day using any form of ink and posted it on his social networks. Since then, Inktober has evolved into a worldwide initiative where artists from all over the world cover our newsfeeds with all kinds of ink drawings.

For 31 days, art is spread across countries using the hashtag #Inktober and motivates artists to get back on track and improve their skills. Whether it’s a drawing a day, or every other day, October is Inktober month! With just 10 days left, it’s never too late to start. It’s also a great way to get recognized because anyone participating in the challenge worldwide checks the hashtag, too.

Here are some of the Egyptian artists participating in the Inktober initiative this year:



@metahatem — Hatem Aly


metahatem - Hatem Aly 3


metahatem - Hatem Aly 2


metahatem - Hatem Aly 4


metahatem - Hatem Aly 5


metahatem - Hatem Aly 6



George Azmy


george azmy


george azmy 2


george azmy 3


george azmy 4


george azmy 5



Mohamed Salah 


mohamed salah


Mohamed Salah 4


mohamed salah 3


Mohamed salah 2



Yamen ElGamal


yamen el gamal 3


yamen el gamal 2





Mohamed Tawfik


Mohamed TAwfik


mohamed tawfik 5


mohamed tawfik 4



Mahinaz Soliman


mahinaz soliman 2


mahinaz soliman



Doaa Abdel Hady


doaa Abd El HAdy


doaa Abd El HAdy 3



Hazem Kamal


hazem kamal


hazem kamal 2


hazem kamal 3



Kamal Mohamed


mostafa abdelmawla 3



Mostafa AbdelMawla


mostafa abdelmawla 2


mostafa abdelmawla


mostafa abdelmawla 5



Ahmed AbdelHameed


ahmed abdelhaleem



And finally, 


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