All Egyptians Have Eaten Donkey and Rotten Meat

Via the News Tribe
Via the News Tribe


Egypt is considered the first country in the world with diseases that result from eating donkey or 100% rotten meat, according to Shirin Zaki, an inspector of veterinary medicine in Giza who was a guest on Moataz Bellah Abdel Fattah’s TV show “90 Minutes” through a phone call. “I’m absolutely sure that we have all eaten donkey and 100% rotten meat at some point in our lives,” she added.


The inspector also stressed that this is probably a bigger deal than everyone realizes, since eating donkey meat or rotten meat results in accumulative diseases like liver viruses and failures. She has also announced that they have found 100 tons of cows and other bad meat slaughtered in Shabramant’s public dump before sending them to the markets; the meat is worth EGP 9 millions.



WE SAID THIS: What a smelly disaster.