The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid in Egypt

You get as much butterflies as your bestfriend when you hear her say the words “I am engaged,” and what better words to hear than “will you be my bridesmaid?” afterwards. You start imaging how much fun it will be as you prepare everything with her and you get caught up with how beautiful the big day is going to turn out and that you were actually  a big part of making this happen, but more often than not, us bridesmaids get forgotten about. People tend to forget how expensive it could be sometimes to be a bridesmaid.


Not convinced? Let’s start with a breakdown of things most bridesmaids have on their list…



The gift (EGP 100-1500)



From kitchen utilities to art and sculpture pieces and much more. For example you can get her a kettle (EGP 300 – 600) or go over the top and get her a piece of jewelry (EGP 1000+).



The dress (EGP 500-7000)


Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr


If you’re lucky and know a tailor that can actually sew your dress for 500 pounds then you win life. The range of prices in fabrics are the same as buying a whole dress so if you think you can save money on sewing a dress instead of buying it then you have to do a lot if shopping. Oh, and don’t forget the matching shoes and bag and makeup.



Bridal showers/Henna (EGP 200-7000)


Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr


If you want to write “sa7bet el 3arosa” (the bride’s bestfriend) on your arm then you have to pay. Henna artists are nowhere near cheap and if you want some cool body art, well it’s going to cost EGP 25-100 as it depends on the shape and the size. Also, you have to accessorize which could cost around EGP 50-100. Now, in case you decided to wear and old dress for this pre-event then you saved yourself a lot of cash, if not, then repeat point two above again, aka get a new dress for EGP 500-7000.



The big day (EGP 200-500)



The big day is here and you think that’s that. False, there’s facials to be done, nails to be polished and hair to be styled and so much more. This whole experience could cost EGP 500-1200.



WE SAID THIS: Now that we are done with all of the expenses, we have to say that some of these expenses can be covered by the bride and it all depends the wedding and the situation you’re in, but this was my budget and experience. And it’s safe to say that the cost of being a bridesmaid can range from EGP 4000 to EGP 16,800. *cries*