This Video of an Egyptian Woman Asking Angelina Jolie to Eat Ma7shy Is Everything

If it wasn’t for Egypt’s hilarious social media game, I would have left this country years ago. If you were living in a blessed place called la-la land for the past week or so, we’ve got earth-shattering news for you. Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Yes, we know, the biggest OMG of all the OMGs that were ever told.


Since the day the news broke, the human race has basically divided into three groups: team Jennifer Aniston, team Angelina Jolie and Egyptians. The amount of latt and 3agn that everyone, including myself unfortunately, have been part of is so ridiculous, yet epic in every way.


We’ve seen everything, from people trashing cheating men to others cheering for Jennifer’s happy karma ending, then along came this Egyptian woman with her I-give-zero-effs message for the soon-to-be divorcee and the world is already a better place.


Watch the hilarious video below:


WE SAID THIS: Dear Hagar GOgaya, I want to be your BFF, there is so much about the Brangelina drama we need to discuss.


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