Egyptian Student’s Life at Risk After Getting Brutally Beaten in the UK

Via Egypt Today

An Egyptian teenager was brutally beaten and dragged for about 20 meters outside the Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham, UK. Even though Mariam Mostafa Abdelsalam was assaulted in a crowded place, nobody tried to stand against the girls who attacked her.

It has been reported that Mariam was beaten by 10 British girls of an African descent. According to the engineering student’s mother, the assault was racially motivated. She said that two of the girls who have beaten her daughter, to the point of unconsciousness, have assaulted her four months earlier. It wasn’t the first time, and it was made clear that Mariam had no prior connection or relationship with any of them. Even though Mariam and her family filed a report the first time, the police have been slow in taking any action.

After a multiple kicks, punches, and a lot of hate speech, Mariam tried to escape from the attackers. She quickly got into a bus, however, they came after her. Even the only man who tried to help her was beaten as well for standing up for her. It was only until she fell unconscious, the bus driver called the ambulance.

Mariam is now detained in a hospital’s intensive care between life and death. The case is still being investigated, however, a 17 year-old has been arrested for being a suspect in the attack. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that they are closely following the case.

WE SAID THIS: We hope that Mariam gets well soon and that the cruel inhumane attackers would be brought to justice.