Egyptian Parents Block Corniche in Protest to the Disappearance of Subsidized Milk

Via Ahmed M. Kamel


This morning, tens of parents took to the streets, with their babies on their shoulders, to express their anger over the disappearance of subsidized milk and the rise of non-subsidized milk prices in the market from 15% to 30%.  They blocked the Corniche road, close to the Egyptian Medicine Company, the main supplier for subsidized milk, leading to traffic jams at the Mo’assassa square in Shubra El-Kheima.



Mahmoud Fouad, the director of the Egyptian Centre for Medical Rights, announced that starting today subsidized milk will be sold for EGP 5 instead of EGP 3 for day-old to six-month-old babies and will be sold for EGP 26 instead of EGP 18 for older children.



WE SAID THIS: Last May, the Ministry of Health decided to decrease the amount of subsidized milk formula cans in the market from 23 million per year to 18 million per year as of June.