Egyptian Museums to Allow Free Photography Starting August

Photo via ATLAS

By Heba Tallah Mohamed

Have you ever felt like taking a photo of the many beautiful artifacts you see while walking in an Egyptian museum but then suddenly remember the rules?

According to Egypt Today, the Ministry of Antiquities has announced that visitors to the country’s museums and archaeological sites are now allowing photography using cellphones without flash starting the 1st of August.

The World Travel and Tourism Council has put Cairo on the list of the top cities expected to receive more tourists in the next decade. Following the news, the ministry intends to develop tourism in Egypt by giving visitors more freedom in the country’s hisotrical landmarks.

“They are trying to use this as a free promotion for Egyptian antiques and museums. These photos will promote our great and unique ancient Egyptian civilization and uplift tourism,” said Mostafa Waziry, the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

They hope the new policy will bring more positive exposure of Egypt’s tourist attractions to the world. The director of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, Sabah Abel Razek, said that this new development will help advertise Egyptian artifacts more. “The visitors will post these photos on their social media accounts, thus spreading information about our museums and introduce them to the whole world, it will be like free publicity,’’ Abdel Razek added.

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