Egyptian Le Sanatorium is Bringing the Circus to Your Doorstep!

By Saja Muhammad

It’s really quite refreshing knowing that there are people who’d dedicate their lives to make our days a little better. But when it comes to this group of artists, they didn’t just only make my day better, they made me talk about them for days non stop.

So, let me introduce Le Sanatorium! The group that is rapidly growing and touching the beauty of Egypt with fire and love to bring across a new one of a kind vision. Through an enthusiastic flow of Circus art, lots of charisma, and determination the Founder of the team Fadi Sawiras has been working on causing a ripple effect of charm and awe by creating a team that not only encourages growth but also open the eyes of whoever gets to watch his team flourish on stage.

The team likes to work on creating themes of out worldly creatures. Including fairies, dragons, knights, queens, and everything that represents the beauty of fiction on the term of real live shows.

Started in 2016  and has been growing its flames of warmth in the streets and on stages. The artists in the team are bringing circus flow to a whole new level of awesomeness to Egypt.

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