An Egyptian Just Broke the Guinness World Record for ‘Greatest Distance on a Motocross Bike in 24 Hours’

The feeling pride washed all over us whenever we see Egyptians going places and breaking records in all fields. Our latest hero Ali Abdo, who happens to be a daredevil, just broke a new one.


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Abdo broke the Guinness World Record for the “Greatest Distance On A Motocross Bike In 24 Hours“. He picked Egypt’s most beautiful city to do this remarkable achievement, El Gouna.


The previously held record holder belonged to Paul Oughton, who managed to go for 565.74 KM in 24 hours on a Yamaha YZ250. It was achieved in the UK on the 11th of September in 2013. Abdo broke that record by managing to go for 613.59 KM in the same amount of time, by doing 510 laps around Motoclub Egypt track on Honda XL 250, but with even more challenges and obstacles.


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Dehydration and fatigue were Abdo’s most common enemies. To add insult to injury, two unpleasant tire punctures during his attempt nearly cost him two hours of his time. Abdo worked really hard to achieve this score and deserves all the recognition and appreciation!



WE SAID THIS: We wonder how far he’d go without the tire incidents!