Egyptian-German Team Unravels New Zodiac Signs At Luxor’s Temple of Esna

A team of Egyptian and German experts uncovered zodiac symbols on the ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall on the southern side of Luxor’s Temple of Esna. This discovery was part of a project to preserve, record, and restore the temple’s original colors.

Dr. Mostafa Waziry, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, underlined that the French Egyptologist Serge Sauneron’s scientific book on the Temple of Esna did not include these zodiac inscriptions. After such discovery, the temple has gained a new significant feature that will add to its history.

As for the German side, Christian Leitz, the mission’s leader, reported that several signs showing Egyptian gods and creatures, such as snakes and crocodiles, were also an important part of the discovery. There were pictures of a serpent with a ram head, a bird with a crocodile head, and a serpent tail.

The Temple of Esna is one of the most well-known historical and touristic sites in the city of Esna, 55 km south of Luxor. It is located on the west bank of the Nile River and is considered a sacred place of worship for ancient Egyptians. The temple is said to be dedicated to the ram-headed deity “Khnum,” the god of fertility, his wife “Menhit” and son “Heka” as well as Neith the ancient goddess of war.

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