Egyptian Company Working To Put MENA On Tech Map At London Tech Week

The tech world is an ever-evolving one, pushing the whole MENA region to evolve with it daily. 

Attending conferences around the world where innovators in the field can exchange information and share ideas is an integral part of that evolution.

One such conference is the London Tech Week happening right now in the UK. It’s also where Egyptian company Synapse Analytics and its CEO, Ahmed Abaza, are working hard to put the Middle East on the Tech Map and rebrand the Egyptian engineer.

What is London Tech Week?

The London Tech Week is a platform that brings several brilliant Ai-oriented minds to one place, to network, discuss, and plan a better future in the world of tech.

It’s common to see founders, global leaders, senior investors, and rising stars collaborate to better integrate the world of technology with our own.

In 2022’s edition the key topics include tech investment, how to use tech for the good of humanity, digital sustainability, and climate tech among others.

What is Synapse Analytics doing there?

Attending for the first time to present their product Konan MLOps, the company wants to prove that the region as a whole and Egypt, in particular, is a place where software and AI companies can rise to the occasion.

Konan MLOps helps AI engineers and data scientists deploy, manage, and scale their AIs by providing several features. 

What does Konan MLOps do?

Among the features are visualizing business impact, monitoring resource usage, ensuring clients have the best version of their Machine Learning models, potential data drift warning systems, and infrastructure provisioning.

Abaza stated that since London Tech Week will have some of the biggest minds in AI, it’s a great place to collaborate and compare notes. 

“We need to change the way people look at an Egyptian software engineer. There’s so much potential in the country and the region as a whole that the world needs to see,” explained Abaza.

“The region isn’t known for its software companies either, with a few exceptions like Instabug, and we seek to change that,” elaborated the CEO.

That said, Abaza also explained that he’s optimistic about the future when it comes to AI in the region. He hopes that companies, when looking for software, frameworks, and Ai solutions, look locally instead of outward.

Via Synapse Analytics

What’s Happening In Tech In The Middle East?

The MENA region is definitely not standing idly by, with several countries making strides in collaboration and investments within the world of Tech.

Dubai’s 2020 Expo is the easiest example, which brought the world together in one place to share what they have in development and their unique culture too.

Dubai is also one of the biggest countries in the region offering a fertile ground for startups, to develop, evolve, and eventually flourish. 

The Emirate’s Museum of the Future is another icon dedicated to the country’s plan to push its limits and share what it has planned for the future.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is also investing heavily in several tech fields including cloud and car autonomy technologies, which it intends to use to empower its infrastructure.

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