Egyptian Celebrities Take on FaceApp Challenge And It’s the Funniest Thing

The latest trend to take over our lives and newfeeds is intentionally and gladly adding wrinkles to our faces. FaceApp is a mobile application that creates realistic transformations of faces with a simple face mapping trick.

Everyone across the region joined the fun challenge to see what they would look like in 60 years. Egyptian celebrities also hopped on the bandwagon. The funniest part is that most celebrities go to extreme measures with cosmetics and surgeries to hide natural aging. Now suddenly everyone is on board with looking old.

Here are some of the funniest celebs joining in on the trend:

Hany Adel

Via Hany Adel

Ahmed Ezz

Via Ahmed Ezz

Riham Abdel Ghafour

Via Dina Badr

Dina El-Sherbiny

Via Dina Badr


Via Amir Eid

Shady Srour

Via Shady Srour

Amir Karara

Via Egyptian Celebrities

Ahmed Ezz

Via Ahmed Ezz

Mohamed Salah

Via Youm 7

Ahmed Saad

Via Ahmed Saad

Amr Diab

Via Egypt Celebrities

Asser Yassin

Via Asser Yassin

Mustafa Hosny

Via Mustafa Hosny Official


Via Chico_1980

Ahmed Dawood

Via Dina Badr

Ahmed Zaher

Via Ahmed Zaher


Via Youm 7

Radwa El-Sherbiny

Via Radwa El-Sherbiny

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