Egypt Launches a New Campaign Vowing to Clean up Ismailia’s Infamous “Garbage Mountain”

A twenty-acre garbage pile at the heart of Ismailia governorate has become the center of attention after social media users dubbed it Ismailia’s “garbage mountain”. In response, the government has launched a new campaign to clean up the area.

For some time now, the vacant area in front of Ismailia Social Club at Down Town Ismailia has been turned into a landfill as irresponsible individuals disposed of their trash there. The pile grew and grew until it became an unbearable sight to all observers.

As a part of the ongoing cleaning campaign, the Deputy Governor of Ismailia Ahmed Essam along with a number of other administrators visited the site to oversee the clean up and make sure that the campaign is properly implemented. During the tour, Mr. Essam revealed that the plan to turn the location into a green area free of pollution.

A wide array of heavy equipment from all over Ismailia have been relocated to the “Garbage Mountain” site to expedite the time schedule.

The executive leadership of the governorate has also promised the public that more campaigns are being prepared to clean every garbage dump in Ismailia, with the hope of returning its lost beauty.

In recent years, Egypt has taken several major steps towards reducing waste and minimizing single-use plastics.

In fact, the Ministry of Environment has just announced its plan to increase the percentage of waste recycled from 20 percent to 80 percent. In addition, a number of waste refuse factories have opened in these past months in an effort to push Egypt to become greener.

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