Healthy Eats in Cairo

Since everyone is hopping on the health wagon I thought why not give you the ultimate guide to eating healthy in Cairo?


1. The Medley

1607087_681337371889493_2034729705_nI would recommend dining in for those looking to chill with a great Nile view and shisha on ice (which is calorie free! so ENJOY). If you are looking for a quick delivery, then you’re in luck because they just launched their delivery menu and you can have your salad made for you and sent to your location.

All in all, we love this place and would strongly recommend it in general for those looking for a new restaurant to add to their list.

The place is mostly famous for its salad bar but also has a range of items you can comfortably order without feeling deprived. I would personally recommend the salmon, grilled chicken and fillet, which may be one of the best in town.

Salad Bar:  70 LE (lrg), 36 LE (sm)

Location: 33 Abul Feda , Zamalek Cairo, Egypt

Contact: +2022 7373 885 / +2011 11 11 3952


2. Gaby’s



Located in City Stars, this fancy Parisian like eatery is one of the nicest places to park yourself when it comes to Cairo dining. Although one of the newest kids on the block, they have maintained consistency with their products and have always seemed to please when it comes to quality ingredients.

Home to one of the few places in Cairo to host a quinoa dish, their quinoa salad is to die for and is one of the most sold out items on their menu. Quinoa is one of the highest trending grains out there right now. Used instead of rice in most dishes, it blends with the flavors of its partner ingredients, making it super versatile.

Grainy Quinoa & Teriyaki Chicken Salad: 75 LE (lrg) 45 LE (sm)

Location:  Store 55-60 Citystars, Phase 2 in front of the VIP Cinemas Cairo, Egypt

Contact: 0100 854 2900


3. Lettuceat


10352606_712345478811046_3673190379666171769_nAlthough this place is mostly famous for its salads, I actually prefer its wraps. This is not a dine in kind of place. With only one communal table in the center of the boutique venue, I would personally recommend home delivery.


The brand is also famous for its variety of ready spreads and home made granola desserts that are extremely yummy and are perfect for an evening or morning pick-me-up for those looking to have something light on the go.

Wraps: Average between 25 LE to 32 LE

Location:  15 A Mansour Mohamed Street, Zamalek

Contact: 19657


4. Cairo Kitchen


Everyone’s favorite home-style Egyptian food restaurant with different branches across the city, Cairo Kitchen has a number of healthy options. The Rotisserie Chicken is always a solid choice – go for white meat and pair it with a couple of their salads, like white beans and a balady salad.

Quarter Rotisserie Chicken with Two Sides: 30 LE

Location: Zamalek, Mohandeseen, Agouza, Dokki, Downtown, Garden City, Maadi, 6th of October

Contact: 16962 for delivery


1544505_704774746233969_1578277319_n1544505_704774746233969_1578277319_nfruitbarfruitbar5. Lychee

Fruit galore is what comes to mind when when I see this brand. They make everything from fruit baskets to jugs of freshness, but whenever I pop in, I always go for pretty much the same thing. Although all their smoothies are pretty good, my favorite is The Berryland, a best seller. A tad on the sweet side, it is a mash of raspberry, cranberry, apple, strawberry, banana and yogurt. All fresh ingredients except the raspberries, I presume, this is fantastic quick meal within itself that will satisfy as well as keep you cool on those hot summer days.

The Berryland Smoothie: 17 LE

Location:  5 Brazil Street, Zamalek

Contact: 01002020221


6. The Vegan Kitchen

Picture 136

You can order pretty much anything relatively guilt-free here as it’s fully vegan, gluten-free and organic – and delicious. Try a salad, which come in two sizes, like the Sweet Mushroom pictured above and follow up with a main like the BBQ Skewers, which are full of flavor. You won’t even miss the meat.

Small Salad and BBQ Skewers: 20 LE + 40 LE

Location:10 St. 256, Maadi



7. Stavolta


On a sweeter note, there is always the question of what is a semi-acceptable/ healthy dessert option. I found this fantastic ice cream joint hidden on a side street in Maadi that makes the most amazing sorbet you will ever have.

What I love about this place is that they are constantly changing up the flavors, using natural ingredients and fruits in season. Now let’s not pretend – sorbet does still have sugar, but hey, it could always be worse…

Scoop: 12 L.E

Location: 39 road 231 – Maadi , Cairo, Egypt

Contact: 0225210065


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