10 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand

I am a tall girl, always have been, from school to college. It’s bliss to be tall, right? Some people think that all tall girls can have a modeling career… Well, not really.

Here are 10 problems only tall girls understand:


Forget about your heels

We all love a pair of chic heels, but if you dare to wear them, it’s like you’re committing a crime against your fellow short girlfriends! How can you be such a selfish b***h? Even if they don’t confront you about it, I bet you they are thinking about it.


You have to accept the fact that everybody uses you


Yes, you are the tallest girl, so the high shelves are your responsibility. From your school teacher who always asks you to get the notes to your roommates when they ask you to get their stuff ALL THE TIME because you are the freaking giant in the room.


You have to deal with all the stupid jokes and misconceptions


The typical zarafa Egyptian joke gets really old. Some people actually believe that taller people walk faster because – hello! – we have long legs. ABSURD! I really can’t walk faster than any other person.


You get asked absurd questions


Like, “why are you so tall?” “How tall are you?” Dude, I don’t know why am I tall and second, no I am not 6’5″! Thanks for asking.


You can’t date a short guy – it just isn’t an option


Let’s say you’ve met someone who is funny and you both have awesome chemistry, but he’s short. You have to pass or say goodbye to your heels because remember Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise? AWKWARD.


You have to forget about the first row


Whether it’s in class or at the cinema, you aren’t allowed to sit in the front row because you’ll block people behind you.


Shopping is not an easy task


To be honest, shopping is fun but not easy. Crop pants are your only option – even if you don’t want them – because usually any pants are too short (thank God they are in for the summer!). And let’s talk about sleeves! It is HARD to find the perfect long-sleeved top.


Your legs are always cramped


All seats are too small, whether on an airplane or in a car – there is just not enough space for your long legs.


You can’t be unnoticed

You’re too huge. It’s easy to point you out, whether you are dancing or just walking. They see you, girl!


You are always at the back of any group photo


Because otherwise, you’ll block everyone else.


WE SAID THIS: Got any to add?

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