East Meets West: Delectable Middle Eastern Restaurants Across Europe

The Middle East is home to a variety of cuisines that feature distinct spices, cooking styles, and recipe variations. For instance, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and shellfish are all an integral part of Lebanese cuisine. Meat is less prevalent than poultry in Lebanese cuisine, but dishes with lamb and goat meat can be desired from time to time. Moroccan cuisine, on the other hand, focuses mostly on meats including goat, lamb, and chicken. Olive oil, cold-pressed argan oil, dried fruits, and preserved lemon are all vital flavorings used in most Moroccan dishes.

Due to their delicious taste and appeal, several Middle Eastern dishes have made it to the West and became an essential component of the local food scene. Therefore, Europe is one of the regions with a high concentration of eateries serving food from the Middle East and we are about to find out more about them.

Mont Liban, Brussels

Located on the Rue de Livourne 30, 1000 Bruxelles, in Belgium, this restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind Lebanese cuisine. The secret here relies heavily on the use of fresh ingredients, and this is exactly where Mont Liban scores high. While some feel the restaurant conveys old-fashioned decor, the restaurant, however, provides an unforgettable culinary experience with a large variety of traditional dishes available. This restaurant is a welcoming haven where you can savor delectable Lebanese delicacies, generously served: hot or cold mezze along with their specialty of “Sojok” which are spicy grilled sausages, and the mouth-watering  “Rkakat Bijebné” which is a puff pastry with cheese.

The Barbary Next Door, London

The Barbary Next Door, claimed to be one of the best Moroccan restaurants and wine bars in London, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is situated at 16A Neal’s Yard in London and takes inspiration from Andalusian bars and Moroccan courtyards. Its cuisine is also influenced by the smoky tastes and fragrant spices of Moorish Spain and North African food. What do they specialize in? We can assure you that if you try their raw, fresh Sunset Crudo prepared with coriander oil, citrus flavors, and some slices of chile, it won’t be your last visit!

La Caravana, Barcelona

Located in Carrer de Mozart, 15 08012 Barcelona, this Syrian restaurant offers an unforgettable quality of food and service. The food there tastes like homemade food with delicious dishes such as Kufta, hummus, and shawarma. What makes this restaurant unique apart from the food is the nice and friendly staff. La Caravana is always packed with people due to the authenticity of food that is true to the Middle Eastern region.

Koucheri du Bon Coeur, Paris

Big fan of Koshary? Well, Koucheri du Bon Coeur brings you one step closer to one of the most popular dishes in Egypt. You can find the restaurant at 128 Rue du Mont-Cenis, 75018 Paris. Also, keep in mind that Koshary is a great option for those following a vegetarian-based diet. The restaurant conveys very friendly vibes and the koshery there is unparalleled anywhere in Paris. The dish comprises of a range of chickpeas, and small pasta topped with fried crispy onions with hot piquant and cumin garlic sauce. The medium dish size is 4 euros and the large dish is 5 euros.

Salamat, Berlin

The restaurant, which is located on Gartenstraße 1, 10115 Berlin is considered one of the most beautiful Northern Iraqi Food restaurants that you can try in Berlin. The food there is tasty and a lot of reviews gave hints to their chicken soup, hummus, falafel, and delicious tabouleh. You can also have some tasty Turkish coffee although it is not listed on the menu. Not to forget, the falafel there is unbelievable and the portion sizes are excellent.

If you’re abroad in one of those European nations and feeling homesick, try one of these eateries and you’ll find yourself home again.

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