Easily Move From USA to UAE

The recent global pandemic has changed traveling and moving to and from the United States to the UAE. Just recently, the UAE reopened its borders to tourists, with some restrictions. Now that the tourist visas are being reissued, it is easier to move into the country. Who can move to the UAE?

Foreigners who are looking to move to the UAE can move into the country if:

  • They are employed by a company within the UAE – the company will apply and sponsor residency for this employee
  • Employed by a government sector – this government entity will apply and sponsor the visa
  • Investing in a business within the UAE – the investor will then apply and sponsor himself/herself under the company’s name
  • Purchase a property within the UAE – in this situation, the visa will be sponsored under the property purchased
  • Dependents can be sponsored by any of the above and include children, parents, close relatives, or domestic help
  • University students will be sponsored by the UAE university they are attending
  • Retired residents – special conditions will apply

The residence visa will be issued once the foreigner is already inside the country. The new resident will need to enter the country on an entry permit, visit visa, short- or long-term visa.

The easiest way to move into the UAE is through an international transport company with experience handling moves from the United States to the UAE. You can use A-1 Auto Transport’s link for more information about handling customs into the UAE with your household belongings.

For all incoming tourists into Dubai, the government has announced, effective July 7, 2020, and on, that protocols and provisions would need to be followed.

  • The COVID-19 DXB app must be downloaded, and travelers must register their details on it
  • A “Health Declaration” form must be completed before departure
  • Valid health insurance coverage
  • Within four days (96 hours) of travel, a valid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19 must be done
  • Proof must be shown upon arrival that the traveler is not infected with COVID-19 – if unable to produce proof, a test will be conducted at the airport

Tourists may be required to obtain a GPS tag and utilize it for two weeks for contract tracing purposes. UAE is committed to a healthy experience within the country for all residents and visitors.

You can let your international transport company help you with the customs process to simplify things. All forms should be filled out before your goods enter the UAE. (Your transporter will make sure everything is ready ahead of time.) As long as imported goods are used, they can enter duty-free from the United States.

Shipping your vehicle overseas to the UAE is a different story. There is no duty-free vehicle entry into the country, a 5% tax is required when you import your vehicle. Need more guidance on shipping your car during your move to the UAE? Visit https://www.a1autotransport.com/ship-car-to-uae/ for more information about how A-1 Auto Transport can help get your household goods and your vehicle into the UAE.

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