7 Egyptian Actors From the Golden Age That Still Give Us Butterflies

By Yara Osama

There are a lot of us who still watch black and white movies to admire the cast’s style, elegance, the way they address each other is another vibe that we definitely miss nowadays. A lot of teenagers now like watching old movies as well, crushing over Roshdy Abaza and Ahmed Ramzy, feeling nostalgic and completely jealous of their parents’ and grandparents’ lifestyles. Their movies effortlessly make your mood ten times better.

So as a way of appreciating the brilliant Egyptian actors from the golden era, who managed to not only steal our hearts but to also make our days brighter, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite actors that you need to watch at least once in a lifetime.

Rushdy Abaza

Rushdy Abaza is the man of every girl’s dream. Once his name comes up in conservations, all girls would wish to be with someone as handsome as he is. He doesn’t only has incredible charisma but he’s also a very talented actor. You must watch his movies at least once in your lifetime, we suggest that you start with Saghira Ala El-Hob, El-Zoga 13, and El-Ragol El-Tany

Ahmed Ramzy

His casual style, strength, and charisma on television has built him a solid fan base. There’s no doubt that all of us girls find him very attractive, especially when watching his roles in movies that portray his charisma and masculinity. Check out his movies, Ibn Hamidu, El-Sabaa Banat and El-Alb Lyh Ahkam.

Omar El Sherif

Omar El Sherif is an icon in the Egyptian and international cinema, no one can live up to his level of talent and success. He is one of the sexiest actors from the golden era. With his decency and charismatic way of acting, Omar became the legend of his generation. Did you watch his incredible movies Esha’t Hob, Sayyidet El Qasr and Fe Bytna Ragol?

Hassan Youssef

His amazing personality is the secret behind his wild success. He usually goes for romantic-comedy roles that portray his talent as well as his charming side and on television. His movies cannot be forgotten as they are forever carved in our hearts as Um El Arousa and Lel Regal Faqat. 

Ahmed Mazhar

We cannot talk about the most attractive actors and not mention Mazhar. His masculinity in his movies is what distinguished Mazhar, as he used to be the model of the man who fears nothing, as most of his roles in movies are based on strength and charisma. Check out his roles in Saladin, Gharam El Assyad and El Eydy El Na’ema? 

Saleh Selim

El Shomo’ El Sawda’ movie is what made us admire Saleh Selim. His romance and charm approach in this movie with Nagat El Saghira made us all fall for him. This man won’t be forgotten at all.

Shokry Sarhan

Honestly, he is an actor who had a miraculous talent. Shokry was able to do all the different roles of acting, he was able to act tragedy, romantic, action, and drama. This man cannot be put out of the golden era list, his movies will remain as gold as his era. Take my advice and watch El Safera Aziza, you won’t regret it. 

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