Kids for Turath: A Coloring Book Collection to Celebrate Beirut’s Renowned Architecture

Traditionally speaking, architecture reflects the culture of every society as it interacts with the structural, historical, and social features of any given society. Therefore, people in every country usually tend to use symbols in architect to express their own identity. Focusing on Lebanon, its architectural heritage is very rich as it embodies the historical, cultural, and religious influences that have shaped Lebanon’s built environment centuries ago. And as a way to instill in Lebanon’s children the love and passion for their own architectural heritage from their first days, “Kids for Turath Collection” came to life.

Kids for Turath (meaning heritage in Arabic) is a newly published children’s coloring book that aims to encourage the appreciation for Lebanon’s architectural heritage among the youth. Their coloring book collection features 15 of Beirut’s most historic and modern buildings that define the city. The Polish-Lebanese entrepreneur, Julia Haddad, is the mind-master behind the coloring book, her major interest in the Middle East, and Beirut specifically led her to take up an internship there back in 2012 before going on to work at the capital’s Polish Embassy. Her love for Beirut didn’t stop there, as following last month’s devastating explosion that caused the death of hundreds and damage to many buildings, Julia launched “Kids for Turath” to encourage appreciation for the city’s marvelous monuments. 

WE SAID THIS: All net profits from the coloring books will be donated to the Lebanese NGO Beit El-Baraka.