Eargasm: Your Ultimate Fall Playlist

Via Pexels

Music; it has the power to shift your mood, take you down the memory lane, or get you pumped for a night out. With winter right around the corner, you’re either in one of two moods; hibernation mode or ready to paint the town red!

I’m personally torn between both; snuggling at home and listening to some of the best chilled out tunes out there right now or getting ready to go out and hit up a party or two.

No matter what your mood is, there is definitely a couple of songs on this list that will hit the spot; AND YOU’RE WELCOME!

To get pumped to go out:

If Hip Hop and R&B are your thing, I got you. If you want a little bit of a housey vibe, I got you too. Either way this list will get your body moving and ready to hit the town in the right mood:

To chill:

If you’re in the mood to just light a candle, sit in your tub and daydream, then this is the list for you. If you’re a bit on the depressed side, this will either accompany your mood or send you further down that rabbit hole. Sorry!

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