Eargasm: For the Love of Covers


There are so many songs i want to share with everyone, i don’t even know where to begin. With age comes a need to remince and chill out to oldies, but with the chilled out days by the beach with drinks, these remixes & covers are blowing my mind.

First up is mr. Yufi Zewdu, no doubt one of my favorite artists out there and his cover of Mayer Hawthorne’s “Her Favorite Song” (On a side note i definitely recommend you check out the rest of his songs as well)


The fugees always hit the spot for me, check out this remix of the Fugee’s “Ready or Not” (If your not bouncing along right now, you don’t understand music)

No diggity, is no doubt a classic (see what i did there!) Well Ed Sheeran & passenger managed to mix it up with Macklemore’s hit thrift shop, then Kygo decided to come in and deep house-afy it!

When Nelly burst onto the music scene with Hot in Here, the whole world fell in love, Antony Toga took that remixed it, and made sure you want to shake your ass to it!

Last but certainly not least “Blurred lines” has been the hit of the summer, but there is no reason why not to funkify it up a bit. Check out this remix of the summer smash

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