Dubai’s New Technique to Fight Fires Is Basically a Scene out of a Futuristic Movie

Via Medium


When it comes to technology, Dubai is always in the vanguard. Over the last few years, they’ve introduced us to so many inventions that made us scream, “YAAS!” The city’s latest offering is something out of a futuristic movie. What are they, you say? Well, they’re Hi-Tech drones.


The new drones are set to help emergency workers put out fire accidents. Yup, actual robots are going to act as firefighters and save lives, you guys. If that’s not cool, we don’t know what is. 


What makes these drones also amazing is that they can fly, but also move really fast. “The new drones could provide live video feed and thermal imaging to the central command center, enabling DCD, police and other entities involved in emergency missions better plan their response,” POPSUGAR reported.



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