This Dubai Startup Can Transform Your Normal Boring Car into a Driverless One

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Acacus, a startup in Dubai, has gone on record and announced that they can transform normal vehicles into driverless ones for individuals and fleet managers in the UAE.


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Oh, and it gets better! They want to do it on the cheap, compared to what a new driverless car will cost.


“Our goal is to retrofit the existing cars under $10,000 (Dh36,700),” said Talal ben Halim, managing director and partner of Acacus.


As per the vision laid down by the UAE, Dubai’s autonomous mobility strategy is expecting to generate Dh22 billion per year, reduce mobility spending by 44%, and curb demand for parking by 50%. Autonomous vehicles will increase productivity by 13% which will be achieved by reducing travel time. This technology will also help reduce accident by 12%.


Via Slashgear


“Our target initially is for fleet managers as it makes best business sense for us. For individuals, it’s more of a luxury,” said Ben Halim.



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