Dubai Airport Stops 2 Travelers Smuggling 500,000 AED Worth Of 24K Gold As Buckles

Apparently, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to smugglers. In an incident that can be described as a scene taken from a movie, two travelers were stopped and thwarted at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) when the customs officers there caught them attempting to smuggle a combined weight of 2.3kg of 24-carat gold into the UAE.

What Happened

After the two travelers arrived in Dubai, they went through the airport’s customs’ high-tech X-ray machine, which pointed out irregularities and unusual densities in their bags; this info alerted the officers leading them to investigate the bags and their owners further.

Investigation Results

After examining the bags, the customs officers found that the bags’ belt buckles were 24K solid gold, which had previously been melted down and painted on to look like regular buckles to trick the officers and let them through.

The first traveler had a total of 1.072kg of 24K gold with him in the form of belt buckles, while the other had 1.228kg, bringing the total to 2.3kg worth 500,000 AED (approx. 136,124$). The two travelers were later handed over to the relevant authorities and will await further charges.

Via The National & Dubai Customs

What Did The Authorities Say?

Ibrahim Kamali, director of the Passenger Operations Department, explained the situation and the process that led to the travelers’ capture.

“The bag was X-rayed, showing density variation. After a thorough examination, we discovered that all the buckles in the bag were made of pure gold and they were painted in a different color as a means of camouflage. More investigation led to thwarting the second passenger’s haul,” said Ibrahim Kamali, director of the Passenger Operations Department.

The director also boasted about using the latest technologies that deter smuggling in or out of the country and provide it with safety and stability. He also elaborated that the officers are well-trained in looking for body language and signs that could provide them with clues pointing to further investigations required in certain situations.

“Smuggling methods vary according to the type of smuggled material, size of the shipment, and means of transport. Travelers use a variety of tricks, including hiding their contrabands in secret pockets at the bottom of large bags. Some smugglers try to take advantage of the quick and simple customs procedures, mistakenly thinking that this would compromise security, but they are very wrong. There is no compromise whatsoever when it comes to the security and safety of our society and borders,” said Ibrahim Kamali, director of the Passenger Operations Department.

Something Similar

Just a month ago, customs officials at DXB stopped a passenger from an undisclosed country in Africa, hiding marijuana inside car spare parts.

An officer at DXB dismantled the previously mentioned care spare parts when the X-ray machine indicated that the density was unusual, leading to the discovery of small rolls of marijuana totaling 3.7kg.

Via Twitter

What’s Going To Happen To The Smugglers?

Recently, the UAE relaxed its laws pertaining to first-time offenders, reducing prison sentences from two years to three months along with rehabilitation. However, harder drugs, smuggling, and trafficking carry a heavier sentence, including a 50,000 AED fine and a prison sentence of five years minimum.

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