Dubai Airport Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day in the Best Way Possible

Via Khaleej Times

Dubai Airport just released a video in honor of the 3rd annual Emirati Women’s Day. Needless to say, the future of ambitious Emirati women is looking bright.



The ‘Aspiring Women’s Program’ is a new career development program targeting Emirati women in administrative positions and the role of future women in the aviation field in the UAE.


Khaleej Times elaborated on the program stating: “The nine-month program will provide Emirati Women with leadership coaching, workplace challenges, workshops, as well as support women to build their network across the organisation and wider airport community. It will ultimately lead to a professional certification recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management.”


Via Khaleej Times


Dubai Airport hopes to increase their number of female employees from the current 200 (32% of whom have administrative roles).



WE SAID THIS: tHE UAE’s growing industries are expecting the number of their female employees to increase dramatically in the coming years.