Dubai: 10 Eateries That Truly Represent the Cosmopolitan City

According to the University of Birmingham in Dubai, there are approximately 200 nationalities in Dubai and according to me, a foodie: the number of restaurants and cuisines pretty much add up to the diversity of the modern city. So if you want to travel the world from the comfort of your MENA region, here is a list of 10 Eateries that wonderfully represent this cosmopolitan city. 

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Starting the list with a restaurant that represents the old, Arabic Dubai. Located in Al Fahidi’s historical neighborhood, Al Khayma or “The Tent” offers an authentic Khalijee experience with its courtyard setting and Arabic decorations like lanterns and furniture. Al Khayma transport you to an old-timey feel and atmosphere. With menu items like balaleet (sweetened vermicelli with egg), beid wa tomat (local-style scrambled eggs), dango (spiced chickpeas), and chebab (Emirati pancakes). Also, their signature gahwa (Arabic coffee) is a must-try. Al Khayma is the perfect start for a food trip around the world right in Dubai.

Mr. Miyagi’s Media City

Located in Media One Hotel, this Thai-inspired restaurant is simply the best. With Asian fusion menu items ranging from Thai, China, and Japan. It is a foodie’s heaven. But it is more than that, the color pop decorations and cheeky neon lights signs give you a feel of its main attraction, Karaoke nights. The whole place has the friendliest vibe and stuff that can’t be missed if you want to try a unique modern urban Asian experience. 

El Chapo’s Tacos

A sister project to Mr. Miyagi. This Mexican restaurant offers the same funky fun vibes but with South American flavors. Also located in Studio One, as the name suggested this place specialty id tacos with all the fillings and toppings you can imagine. The menu also features a variety of Mexican cuisine items like tostadas, quesadillas, nachos, and more. It is an authentic Mexican place so it goes without saying that the guacamole is made fresh, tableside.

Shabestan Restaurant

Located in Radisson Blu Hotel in Deira Creek, this authentic Persian cuisine restaurant is to die for. The decorations are breathtaking and the menu offers a wide selection of items ranging from famous Persian BBQ to more traditional meat and veggie stews and rice dishes jeweled with pomegranate. Trust and believe that as soon as you enter this magical place you’ll be immediately transported to glorious Persia.

Toma lounge

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Located in Al – Barsha Heights, Toma Lounge represents the entirety of the Levantine region. The interior of the restaurant is cozy and feels just like home. The menu offers a wide selection of the most beloved Shami foods, from Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. With all these options there is always something new to try at Toma. we guarantee you many visits and munchies.  

The Main Studio City

Also located in Studio City, The Main Street Eatery offers a true vintage urban experience. Collecting all aspects of the cosmopolitan city. The menu is a variety of choices from all over the world with original crowd-pleaser items and tailored meals to fit the city like premium American classics. The decorations resemble a vintage pub with a modern twist. A great place for family and friends. 

Little Lamb

Located in Deira, this place offers the most authentic Chinese cuisine experience. With simple decorations and many locations over Dubai. Little Lamb is honestly an attraction by itself, mainly because of its Hot Pot. the menu includes an array of Chinese traditional and street food. A real mouth-watering selection that sums up the taste of Asia. 

Miss Wang

The second Asian fusion place on the list. Located in Majestic City Hotel. This restaurant/dive bar offers the best of both worlds, delicious meals and cocktails, and a beautiful high-energy vibe with its decorations and karaoke nights. A personal favorite and a must for friends’ hang-outs.  

Gursha Restaurant

Yes, authentic African food is available in Dubai. Hate to say we told you so but it is all “ask and you shall find” in the city of excess. This place offers all the unique Ethiopian food items like Injera (sourdough flatbread), Tibs (sautéed meat chunks), Shiro be Kibbe (legume stew), Kitfo (Ethiopian beef tartare), and is all made with Berbere (typical spice blend). 


Located in Bulgari Resort in Jumeirah 2, this high-end restaurant offers a luxurious truly authentic traditional Japanese cuisine. Without a fixed menu, the Japanese chefs offer the ultimate part of sushi restaurant culture in Japan called Omakasa which means I leave it to you.

As you can see, Dubai’s food scene is dripping with diversity, which restaurant can you not wait to try?

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