Dokki Ya Mazzika: We Take You Behind the Scenes for the Official GFF 2020 Hit!

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There is no doubt that throughout these stressful and challenging times, the fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival was one of the most cheerful experiences for everyone who attended, worked on, or even followed closely from home. The experience is very dynamic and exciting for movie buffs, fashion enthusiasts, music lovers, and everyone who’s into celebrity news and gossips. One of our favorite things about the GFF is the official song. This year it was by Lebanese Superstar Ramy Ayach…”Dokki ya Mazzika”!

“Dokki ya Mazzika” was, by all means, one of the best highlights of the festival this year, and it fired up every venue it was played on, and people fell in love with it for its energy and festive vibes. The music video for the much-anticipated song is out and we now have tons more reasons to fall in love with it all over again.

The music video is produced by JWT and Mazzika, and you can see a massive collaboration with some of the most popular celebrities that took part in this year’s GFF. You’ll involuntarily smile to see all your favorite celebrities dance and enjoy their times for the music video, including Youssra, Raya Abirachid, Amina Khalil, Arwa Gouda, Farrag, Bassel Alzaro, Bassel El Khayat, and much more!

The beautiful song is composed by Abdelrahman Roshdy, written by Menna Adly El Keiy, and produced by the music production maverick El Nabulsi. “It was two months of hard work which brings me joy having all the
elements come together seamlessly. Especially considering this was
my first time composing, and what an experience it was,” said Abdelrahman Roshdy.

Check out the behind the scenes pictures from “Dokki ya Mazzika”!

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