A Disneyland-Style Theme Park Is Coming to the UK

Via Insider

The happiest place on planet Earth, or Disneyland, is on many people’s travel bucket list. No matter how old you are, the magical theme park is a lifetime experience you’re looking forward to if you’ve never been there. What will you do if you find out that another theme park is bringing more magic and stardust to the UK?

Via Insider

The theme park is dubbed “UK Disneyland” and it’s going to offer all what you would ever dream of. With a budget of £3.5 billion, it’ll house 50 attractions and rides, a 2,000 seat theater, restaurants, hotels, and a nightclub. It’s expected to open its doors in 2022 in Dartford, Kent near London.

Via The Independent

It was assumed that the project would be part of a deal with Paramount, but the partnership was dissolved and the deal has come to an end, however, the developers are now discussing other possibilities of getting the project up and running. No need to panic though, the plan is still in action. London Resort Company Holdings, the leading developer of the project and is owned by businessman Abdullah Al-Humaidi’s Kuwaiti European Holding Entertainments, has brought in a group of senior staff to push things forward.

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