Meet the Egyptian Boy Dubbed “Smartest Child in the World”

Via Independent

There’s this saying in Egypt “the Egyptian child is the smartest child in the world”. Turns out that this is not just a saying, it is true. On Tuesday 2nd of November, 13 year-old Abdulrahman Hussain was given the title “smartest child in the world” for winning a global competition held in Malaysia.

Via Egypt Today

The child was chosen out of 3,000 other children who participated from 70 countries from all around the world. Hussain won first place as he managed to solve 230 complex arithmetic problems in only eight minutes. According to Al Arabiya, Hussain said that he owed all of this to his tutors and family members who encouraged him and supported him all the way.

Via Al Arabiya

Batul Mohammed Montasser, Hussain’s teacher, said that he had started training on the Malaysian mental skills development program in 2012. This involved exercises to strengthen his memory and observation skills. He also trained his power of mind and brainstorming to be able to solve complex math problems in short periods of time. His teacher also mentioned that part of his training involved his participation in several other competitions before.

Intelligent Education Group, that held the competitions, aims to promote the education of Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic program. This program enables a child to develop both sides of his brain; left and right, in addition to building up the his/her personality. Children will be more self-confident, more attentive, and interested in their studies. Not to mention that they will be able to concentrate and focus more during their examinations. 

WE SAID THIS: Congratulations Abdulrahman! You just made us all proud!

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