This Amr Diab and Above And Beyond’s Mash Up Will Warm Your Heart

This brilliant video of a cover mash up for Amr Diab’s ‘Wehyati Khaliky’ and Above and Beyond’s iconic ‘Sun and Moon’ is going viral and we’re here for it!

The Trio is an Egyptian band that consists of three musicians; Hazem Ehab as Vocalist, Omar Ismail as Pianist, and Seif Yassin playing the Cajon. However, they came featuring the 21 year old Egyptian-Algerian, Fareeda El-Kholy, this time and they created something that blew our minds.

“We wanted something new, something that hasn’t been heard before,” El-Kholy told us. “We kept playing around for a month till we settled on everything; for us it was all fun and games and then BAM! it went viral,” she added.

The trio had done a lot of videos before this mash up, but it seems like El-Kholy was just about the perfect addition to make their music drop bombs. “I picked Sun and Moon because it’s a favorite, then they picked Amr Diab accordingly to mash up properly,” she said and honestly we think it was a great choice, in addition to the warm vintage colors of the clip.

WE SAID THIS: Stay tuned because rumor has it, something new is coming up soon!