Dawama: Indie Artist Nour Khan’s Latest EP is Like Nothing You’ve Heard Before

Hands down, one of the most promising talents in the indie scene right now is the Egyptian Singer and Songwriter Nour Khan. The amazing artist who has a very strong and dreamy voice just released two of her anticipated EP, ‘Dawama’. The tracks were released on YouTube alongside visual videos, and she’s expected to release one more in the upcoming days.

The two tracks, ‘Hazeena’ and ‘Mabaetsh Faraa’, tackle topics like grief, loneliness, and depression, in a very dark yet relatable way. Fused with the brilliant music and Nour’s one-of-a-kind voice, you get two masterpieces that must be on your playlists. It’s very interesting to see Nour change colors in the lyrics and music, as her first tracks were in fosha, while the new EP is in colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

The songs are composed, written, and performed by Nour Khan. The music production is by Click Clack. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Magdy Hanafy. The Visual Video is by Baher Mrakshy and the album artwork is by Reem Osama. And the beautiful guitars in ‘Hazeena’ are by Jonathan G. Paules.

Nour has been on fire lately, especially after she released her cover for Lege-cy’s Betadeen, and got praise from the entire Egyptian Rap Scene on how beautiful the cover was. This isn’t the only time that a cover got considerable attention to Nour, as her covers for the theme songs of some anime made her an icon in the Egyptian Anime Community with millions of listens on Soundcloud for her Unravel Cover.

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