Cozy Hobos: The Ultimate Hack on Staying Warm this Winter

No more worrying about freezing to death this winter because Cozy Hobos are guaranteed to keep you nice, toasty and very, very warm. Inspired by the infamous Snuggie, Kim El Narsh designed the first wearable blankets in Egypt. She explained to us that it started off as a side business as she aimed to help the Egyptian economy after the drastic fall it has combatted after the revolution, and also to keep herself warm during the cold winter nights.

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She created one piece for herself five years ago and the orders have gone sky high. She started working with a tailor in Kerdasa, and now has 11 people working with her. The warm polar fleece material used is both water and sand resistant. It allows the body to breath while simultaneously preserving the heat to ensure that you will stay warm. “Because you want to be cozy, and the coziest people are the hobos. It’s also mostly about the look,” said El Narsh about the name. When you see this big warm wearable blanket you will definitely want to snuggle in it and never ever leave.


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Even though Cozy Hobo has been around for a while, El Narsh only launched her official line in 2015 and is planning on going internationally in the upcoming months. “We are now working with a world renowned manufacturing company in Egypt so that we can comply with all the legal aspects of selling abroad,” says El Narsh with a huge smile on her smile. She also told us that this summer they’re going to bring WEARABLE TOWELS to us!!!


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Cozy Hobo offers a big collection and different types of wearable blankets to suit your taste. You can also choose from a variety of colors. “The Lovebirds” also gives you a chance to stay cozy with “bae.”


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