Comic Relief: Why You Need to be Following Amr Wahba These Days

Amr Wahba is an Egyptian comedian, a screenwriter, and definitely a must-follow social media sensation. With everything happening around us right now, anyone who gives us a much-needed laugh is a keeper, especially if it’s someone with natural talent. As soon as Egyptians were forced to stay at home for quarantine purposes, Wahba decided to start an online acting course for all his followers, and as usual, he was sarcastic, even about that!

We have so many reasons to be following him, and these are just some of them!

His sense of humor is everything

Even when he wants to deliver a serious message, he uses his natural-born sarcasm

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With every new video he posts, we realize that his creativity is endless

Most of his videos are relatable

He makes fun of himself, of us, and of everything, in general, but we still love him

WE SAID THIS: Which one of his videos is your favorite?

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