Check out What This Lebanese Restobar Is Doing for the Environment

Located in the heart of Lebanon, Nasmaya FoResto Bar is my new favourite destination in Lebanon so far. Not only because it provides us with a magical escape into a diverse menu that features a wide range of delicious and mouthwatering “healthy” fast food, but also, Nasmaya has recently undertaken the task of regrowing the forests of Lebanon in the most creative way possible.

All you have to do is order a meal. Nasmaya’s logic is very simple: for every meal you order, the amazing team will plant a tree in Nasmaya’s backyard. Their initiative not only gives back to society but also to mother nature in a very exceptional way that left us all in awe! They’re saving the environment literally one dish at a time.

In collaboration with the Nature Conservation Center and under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, Nasmaya is now also hoping to bring their awesome concept and menu to Beirut. And guess what?! It keeps getting better. All employees at Nasmaya are disadvantaged women and young males and females from underprivileged villages in Lebanon. This comes from their partnership with the NGO CREEK, whose core goal is to create opportunities through environmental projects.

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