Check out Top 15 Interesting, Unique, and Weird Jobs!

Are you bored of your regular job and looking for some exciting different job? Below are some less popular and extremely unique jobs for you to consider.

Professional snuggler

In this fact, in this fast-paced life, not everyone has the time to make friends or get into relationships. There is a huge need among people to find physical comfort and contact. Here, a professional snuggler can help make people feel better by allowing people to hug, cuddle and snuggle with them. A number of companies are on the lookout for professional snugglers and the job involves only snuggling and nothing more.

Rental Boyfriend

Just like professional snugglers, there are rental boyfriends as well, which for a particular fee will be your boyfriend for a certain time. These men will be smart, gentle, and decent. They will take the girls on dates and shower them with compliments. These men provide the girls complete boyfriend experience minus the physical stuff.

Body Part Model

You don’t need to have an attractive face or perfect body to become a model. Even if you have one single body part, you are very proud of, you can model that body part. People need models to model almost all body parts and one can become a good model by doing this kind of modeling.

Casino host

The job of a casino host is extremely easy and mainly involves making relations with the customers. Additionally, a casino host is required to attract premium clients and find value clients from the whole crowd and offer them beverages, dinner, transportation, etc.

Bike messengers

Although it might seem odd that in the present times’ someone would use bike messengers to take their couriers from one place to another. However, in places with heavy traffic, bikes can reach the destination much faster than cars or motorbikes. The services of bike messengers are used by restaurants that use these messengers for the delivery of food to their customers.

Body Painter

These painters paint the body of the people with temporary body paint colors. Body painters offer their services at fairs, events, or birthday parties. At parties, the services of these painters are a huge hit among children who get really excited about getting themselves painted.

Professional Sleeper

This is the perfect job for people who love to sleep. This job allows people to sleep while scientists carry out research on them. These researches are related to sleep disorders and the job is one of the most comfortable jobs on the planet.

Pet Food Tester

Pets are our best friends and they also deserve quality food. However, as pets cannot tell us if they like the quality and taste of their food, humans are employed for this job. Pet food testers ensure that your pet always gets the best quality of food.

Fake social media user

Although this practice is against the terms of social media platforms, it has not stopped people from making their fake social media accounts to help various companies. With these fake social media accounts, people write fake comments and like the company pages for the growth of the business.

Water Slide Tester

Just like there are testers for almost everything, there are also testers for the water slide. The job of a water slide tester is to test every aspect of a water slide, right from its safety to the fun element. This is no doubt a fun job, however, a bit risky. The good part is at least the people involved have their insurance covered.

Face Feeler

Face feelers don’t produce skincare products themselves; however, they are hired by skincare companies. The job is to feel the face of people who have tried the products of the company. They then have to tell if there has been any improvement in the texture of the skin. The feeler has the power to accept or reject a product.

Line Stander

No, we are not kidding! If you find standing in long lines bring then you can hire a line stander in a line for you at a fee. Sometimes, when a new product is launched, the line to purchase the product is extremely long and people have to wait for hours for their turn to come. Here, they can use the help of a line stander.

Worm Picker

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind picking worms then this job is for you. When people go fishing, they require worms, which can be fed to the fishes. A worm picker has to get these warm from various places.

Horticultural Therapist

Horticultural therapists may utilize the demonstration of cultivating as either a treatment procedure for grieved mental patients or as an actual reinforcing strategy for patients in treatment.

Armpit Sniffer

Armpit Sniffers are employed by deodorant companies to make sure their products are of good quality. 

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