Celebrating World Mental Health Day With Online Platforms Across the Middle East

Every year on Oct. 10, people all over the world observe World Mental Health Day in an effort to increase awareness of mental health, its ever-growing importance, and the reasons why people should never disregard their mental health. Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, medical care has moved to online sessions to increase accessibility. To commemorate this day, we are going to shed light on online platforms that are time-saving, easily accessible, and offer different mental health resources for those seeking help. One of the biggest pros of these online services is the flexible range of affordable prices as each doctor charges a different fee per session.

07 Therapy

O7 therapy is a platform that believes everyone has the right to pursue mental wellness and healing with the help of psychotherapy, thorough enough to address problems, and are able to effectively help. To assist users in overcoming any mental health issues they or their loved ones may be experiencing, 07 provides a curated network of carefully chosen Arabic-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists as well as a referral network of specialized clinics and hospitals. The platform offers a sophisticated matching engine that can match users with a group of ideal therapists who are experts in the problems the questionnaire found.

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Shezlong is considered to be the first online psychotherapy platform in Egypt and the MENA region. It offers online psychological counselling to all. This platform offers anonymous, accessibility and cost-effective online treatment from trained specialists. With Shezlong you can select the appropriate form of therapy, which might range from therapy and psychiatry to counselling, depending on each case.

The Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub is a clinic that offers online and face-to-face counselling sessions. It is an entity that makes an effort to create a welcoming, encouraging, and contemplative space that meets everyone’s requirements. To guarantee that clients lead healthy lifestyles, the clinic offers a variety of complementary healing approaches and services that range from psychotherapists and child therapists to life coaches, parenting coaches, and nutritionists.


According to Ayadi, “at least one in three people in the Middle East cope with mental health issues but have been unable to seek help.” With this statistic in mind, Ayadi is a platform that values the significance of providing simple access to qualified, bilingual therapists. This platform was founded on the basis of changing the stigma involved with seeking mental health.


Tawazon is a startup from Palestine that provides online counseling and believes that people can connect with one another and themselves by engaging in mindfulness and meditation. The mission of Tawazon’s team, which consists of a collection of Arab psychologists, meditation specialists, neuroscientists and engineers, is to use cutting-edge technology to provide science-based mindfulness techniques from around the world.

By offering accessible services that are customized to meet each person’s needs, each of these platforms seeks to give their customers an experience that will better their life…all through their online services.

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