Calling All Gamers; Esports Summit Announces Their 2020 Prize Pool and It’s Big!

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lifestyles dramatically on so many levels. And while a lot of fields and markets were influenced negatively, there is no doubt that Esports were among the few fields that boomed even more due to people staying for weeks at home during the quarantine. We’ve seen a surge in the number of gamers all around the world, and Egypt wasn’t any different.

With all events taking place online, it only made sense that gaming events should go digital as well. And that’s what will happen in the biggest Esports event in Egypt. It was announced that the 2020 edition of the Esports Summit will be online, taking place throughout September, and the prize pool is set at EGP250,000! The Esports Summit has been organized for several years by Gamers Lounge and it was, by all means, a huge success. The 2019 edition took things to a whole new level when The Worx, one of the leading events consultancies in the region, joined forces as a partner with the Gamers Lounge.

The 2020 Esports Summit edition, will be held throughout the month of September, spanning 30 days, hosting over 30 tournaments, with a total reach of over 20+ Million. And will host tournaments in a number of different games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Tekken, FIFA20 and DOTA. 

In 2018, the Esports Summit attracted an attendance of 5000 people, with an online reach of 10+ Million. In 2019, the 3-day Esports Summit attracted an attendance of over 8,000 people, with an online reach of 15+ Million and 1.3 Million video views. This year, the summit is targeting 10,000 participants.

You can sign up for the tournaments by going to this link, and you can check out the recap of last year’s event in the video below.

“Our sole objective is to set the bar for the Esports scene in the MENA region which is what we have been doing for the past 5 years. The Esports Summit has become a pillar in the Esports scene, not just in Egypt but the whole MENA region, and nothing will stop the summit from happening this year,” said Hashem Al Borno the Founder of Gamers Lounge.

“Coming from the background that The Worx builds platforms, like the Creative Industry Summit and The Nu Digital Awards, it was only natural for us to dive into Esports. Especially that the revenues of Esports are more than the movie and music industry combined in the US, so the potential is huge,” said Mai Salama, Founding Partner of The Worx.

“But it’s a hidden gem that not many know about here in the region. So we joined forces with Gamers Lounge last year because they have the know-how of the gaming industry, and we have the know-how of building and growing platforms. We’re aiming to make this the biggest gaming platform in the Middle East, and put Esports in the place it deserves in the region,” she added.

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