Cairopolitan’s Cairo Prints Exhibition Is Back For A Fourth Round

Bold, loud and unique posters, postcards and prints created by talented Arab artists are currently covering the walls of Cairopolitan’s Cairo Prints Exhibition, an annual event that made a comeback for a fourth consecutive year. The special exhibition is featuring over 150 artists and more than 450 prints and will be running until June 27.

Cairopolitan is a store that sells a range of products inspired by modern Egypt’s daily life, food and many other facets of the country. Beyond it being a store that shines a light on Egyptian life, it also acts as a hub for artistic talent. Every year, Cairopolitan monitors, excavates, and acquires the most special prints from some of the most established as well as emerging artists in Egypt and beyond.

Through an open call, Cairopolitan welcomed submissions from graphic designers and visual artists who want to showcase their work in a physical location that goes beyond social media. Cairopolitan dedicated a space in the store to exhibit and sell unique prints to all print lovers and design enthusiasts out there. Some of the artists taking part include Egyptian designer Amer Alissa with his unique piece “This Time Shall Pass”, and Egyptian graphic designer Mostafa Ehab.

To check out the Cairo Prints exhibition for yourself, head to the store located at 8 Dar El Shefa Street in Garden City. It is open every day, starting from 12 pm to 9 pm and until 10 pm on weekends.

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