Caesar Bay’s Cosy Getaways are Ones for the Books

Situated right on the heavenly shores with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the North Coast lies Caesar Bay Resort & Residences. With a serene atmosphere and an electric blue horizon, Caesar Bay offers adults and children alike a serene and pleasant swimming experience. Located 15 minutes away from the Dab3a road, Caesar Bay’s reputation precedes them. Given an on-the-money location and state-of-the-art residences, looking beyond it ceases to be necessary.

Rest back though, as they’ve got you covered with their 5-star residences! The residences offer full-rounded facilities for all unit owners. The house keeping and cleaning services ensure you always return from a long day at the beach to further pamper yourself and sink into a welcoming bed. In addition, the spa and indoor pool allows for a full blown alleviation of any stress, further unblocking your mind and body for the right getaway you deserve.

Far from your usual fitness routine at the gym? No problem, Caesar Bay’s full access to the gym is waiting around the corner for you to pump up and sweat away that built up energy. And now, how about a dinner to end the day with the hotel’s 5-star restaurant amidst its tranquil atmosphere? All of these facilities, services and more, further serve as one of the North Coast’s most serene locations that lie within a hotel complex.

Believing in a full on “de-clutter for your family vacation” motto, Caesar Bay has put their plans into action given the small and restful vibe of the compound with emerald green gardens. Caesar Bay’s three month delivery guarantees a much needed and smoother transition towards your ultimate summer getaway.

Their elegant and minimalistic approach guarantees that the good times keep on rolling as you witness a panoramic treat to the eyes overseeing the entire bay. Since we’re in the North Coast after all, an enchanting view of the sea along with Caesar Bay’s services are the perfect recipe for a mad summer!

Need to book your ultimate escape plan? Visit, snag up the spots, and we’ll sea you there!

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