By Evidence, Reasons Why Tuesdays Suck!

There are a lot of reasons why Tuesdays are so not my favorite! Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you actually looked forward to a Tuesday? Probably never, because there’s nothing you can look forward to or expect from the dreadful day.

I know that most of you hate the first day of the week. It’s the first day to go back to work and responsibilities, but for other people, like myself, the first day of the week is very exciting; it’s full of energy and positive vibes, but what’s not exciting? Tuesdays.

Here’s a fun fact, coincidentally; or not, if you’re superstitious, most of the world’s disasters actually occurred on a Tuesday! So, without further ado here’s a list of evidential proof that Tuesdays are the worst.


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It’s widely known as the day that changed the world for good, not for the better though. It’s the terrorist attack on New York City back in 2001 that made thousands of people lose their loved ones. The question is, is it a coincidence (like many other incidents) that this terrorist attack actually took place on a Tuesday?

Turkey’s Earthquake

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Back in 1999, a deadly earthquake took place in Turkey and actually one of my colleagues at my old workplace was there at the time. Around 17,000 people tragically lost their lives on that day, and guess which day of the week was it? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a Tuesday.


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Another event that may also shock you, whether a coincidence or not, back in 1914, the dramatic events started to unfold when World War One began; Great Britain and Germany decided to declare war at dawn on a Tuesday! It’s very strange, this day literally marks every catastrophe.


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On January 28th, 1986, NASA’s shuttle orbiter mission “STS 51-L”, the 25th mission launched by the US Space Shuttle Program to carry out routine transportation to orbit the Earth, and the 10th flight of Space Shuttle Challenger “OV-99” unfortunately broke apart after a six-day mission. And you guessed it, it was on a Tuesday!

Trump’s Election

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This is my favorite actually, it’s the most recent and it literally surprised me when I found out that Donald Trump won the elections on a Tuesday too! I mean, wow, not only a reality TV personality won the US presidency, of course, that’s horrible enough, but the continuity of this Tuesday cycle is very strange.

Tuesdays are bad luck!

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It’s not just me, but my colleagues have had the same problem. For some reason, all of my school, and even my university, schedules sucked on Tuesdays. They were either a full day or I had a lecture/class with a professor that I really disliked. Sarah, my co-worker at Scoop Empire, mentioned that when she was in University, a Tuesday was an official day off, except for her class! Every Tuesday, they had to attend a lab session.

Want to turn up on a Tuesday?

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Well, too bad, because you can’t! Let’s be honest, we are so lucky to live in a city where there are always things to do 24/7, and of course, you can be super down for a night out on a Tuesday after a long day at work. But are you willing to risk the hangover on a Wednesday morning? Probably not.

It’s still too far away from the weekend!

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That’s the ultimate dilemma, it’s always like it is too soon or too late to plan a night out with your friends. Tuesday is too close to the beginning of the week, but at the same time, it’s still too far from the weekend.

They serve no purpose at all

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Except for it bringing us a bit closer to the weekend, can you think of anything useful that a Tuesday brings in your life? Take a moment and imagine a world without a Tuesday! What would change? Nothing. But if a Friday would come closer, we’d all be so happy.

Traffic Jams

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Traffic in Cairo is hell on Earth, starting from Tuesday till Friday, all of us spend almost the entire day sitting in the car trying to reach home after a long day at work, which most probably that day (because it’s a Tuesday) has been a very hectic and stressful day.

WE SAID THIS: Tuesday? You mean Monday #2.