Today Is Pancake Day So Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Heavenly Fluff in Cairo

Via Chowhound

On this day, Tuesday 5th of March marks Pancake Day; the delicious celebration’s date varies from one year to another according to Easter. To help you celebrate all the heavenly fluff and everything in between those mouthwatering layers, I’ve compiled a list of Cairo’s top places that serve the best pancakes!

All you have to do is pick one, head there, and dig in!


Via Ovio

Ovio isn’t just one of the top breakfast spots, the place also serves pancakes that are highly recommended by its regulars. Head there for a bite and some coffee and enjoy the atmosphere!


Via Lokali Egypt

Maadi’s brand new favorite morning spot, of course, has to serve pancakes, and guess what! They’re so good! The concept restaurant only operates during the day and only uses homemade local ingredients. Thus, expect things like beetroot jam, greek yogurt, or even salted caramel popcorn on the top!

Casper & Gambini’s

Via Casper & Gambini’s

Because anything served at Casper & Gambini’s tastes and looks effortlessly perfect, their pancakes are hands down one of Cairo’s top-notch!


Via Qahwa Egypt

Indulge in Qahwa’s caramelized banana toffee pancakes topped with cookie crumble! I mean, look at that picture!

Eish W Gebna

Via Eish W Gebna

Who said this place is all about gooey cheese and finger licking good dishes? Eish W Gebna sure does serve some of the best pancakes in town as well!


Via Lucille’s

And the winner is *drumroll* Lucille’s! Everyone’s favorite when it comes to juicy burgers also happens to be the top server of pancakes. Authentic maple syrup adorning the layers of goodness, who’s drooling already?

WE SAID THIS: Bon appetit!