Bringing You The Ultimate Gift Guide To Pampering Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Being a mother is truly the hardest job out there and yet they always manage to make it seem so easy. They never complain and continue to be there for you no matter the circumstance. That is why every one of those mothers out there deserves to be celebrated and loved. With Mother’s Day soon approaching, it’s the perfect time to start preparing for that gift. To help you out we’ve put together a special guide on all the types of gifts you can either make or buy to make the day special for your mum.

Glam Her Up With Handmade Pieces from Rodriguez Silver Jewelry

Every mama out there deserves a gift as valuable as her and so it’s time to invest in some expensive jewelry but with a twist. A great option to go for is Rodriguez Silver Jewelry, an online store specialized in etching unique customized designs onto all types of silver jewelry including bracelets, rings and necklaces. It’s pretty fun as you’ll basically sketch out any design of your liking, send it to them and they will etch it out.

For Mother’s Day, you can go for a simple crown with the word “mom” etched in the middle like the design above, or go for something more detailed. You can even send them your favorite photo with your mum and they will etch out an exact replica onto any piece of jewelry. Most of their pieces average at 1550 EGP or less depending on the design and piece of jewelry you pick.

Pamper Her With A Full Day Use At Cairo’s Finest Hotels

With the weather finally warming up, now is a great time to take your mum outside and enjoy the outdoors. All across Cairo, several hotels offer the cool option of spending an entire day lounging at their pool and dining at their finest restaurants. We believe this makes for a great Mother’s Day gift as it will give your mum the chance to unwind, relax and pamper herself amidst luxury and extravagance. For the ultimate experience, we’ve picked out Sofitel Gezirah as the go-to hotel for this upcoming Mother’s Day.

Located in the heart of Zamalek, from 10am to 6pm, guests would get access to their indoor pool and outdoor infinity pool that boasts exquisite panoramic views of the Nile. To book a spot for your mom, you will need to call them one or two days before Mother’s Day as they do not accept reservations before then and the price for a day is 1000 EGP.

Put Pen To Paper & Make Her A Personalized Note Jar

If your mum is the kind of person who is a sucker for all things personalized then a great idea would be to make her a multi-day note jar. It’s simple, we all know and love our mums, we know their secrets, quirks, favorite memories and everything in between so why not make use of that unique knowledge and write up a list of everything you know and love about her? You can even color code it so that you can include different categories like “favorite memories”, “hilarious quirks” and so on like the jar below.

Once you’ve made a list for every category and written them on different colored pieces of paper, you will need to get your hands on a jar with a lid. You may already have one at home but if you don’t, you can easily find one online through Amazon with the cheapest costing 63 EGP. With it being a personalized jar, you can make the list as long as you like. Your mother will definitely have a smile on her face each time she takes out a strip of paper from that jar and reads your note.

Buy Her Literally Anything From Ellie Home

One of the most sacred places to any mum is her home, it’s considered her sanctuary and the ultimate place where she can add her own unique touch. That is why a lot of mums love receiving homeware, especially the kind that will add a unique flair to their home. If this perfectly describes your mum, then we’d recommend buying her a gift from Ellie Home. Born out of the passionate entrepreneurship of two sisters, Nahla and Nour Abdelnasser, Ellie Home is an online brand all about “embracing Egyptian handicrafts.”

Each of their pieces is locally handmade by talented artisans and what’s special about them is that they are decorated with beautifully painted illustrations and intricate engravings that take their products to the next level. Anything home-related, they have it whether it’s bakeware, dinnerware, or home accessories with most of their products made of ceramic. When it comes to their prices, it all depends on the product but on average, their prices range from 200 to 2000 EGP. To get a better idea of their products, you can head to their official website and browse through their unique collections.

Get Her The Perfect Spring Shawl

These days, the weather is still unpredictable where some days, it can be warm at night and on others, it can be really chilly. A perfect accessory for our current weather is a large shawl, the type of scarf that when worn around the body, keeps you warm but also stylish. For the ultimate dose of glamour, you can go for Scarf Home, a local scarf brand that boasts a beautifully designed and colorful collection of shawls.

They have an eclectic collection made from a wide range of fabrics that includes everything from cotton and chiffon to satin and even Versace shawls. For a touch of luxury, you can buy your mum a bold and colorful Versace shawl with prices ranging from 290 to 1225 EGP. For a simpler design, you can go for their cotton shawls that range from 130 to 650 EGP. To buy any shawl of your choosing, you can head to their online page and browse through their eclectic collection.

Book Her An Extravagant Spa Day

Nothing screams Mother’s Day better than a full-fledged spa day so we recommend booking her some massages and treatments at Zamalek’s Bienêtre Institute. It is considered the first specialized wellness and medical spa in Egypt that offers beauty, wellness, and health all under one roof. They have over 60 treatments offered by expert doctors as well as therapists, including everything from micro-blading, and energy healing to physiotherapy.

To pamper your mum, we recommend booking her either a massage, facial or body scrub, as all three offer the sort of rejuvenating experience that will leave her feeling re-energized and relaxed. You can then book her an appointment at Elite Hair International hair salon, Bienêtre’s exclusive partner where she can get glammed up with a new hairdo. To book any of these services, you can give them a call using this number:  0101 000 0480

When All Else Fails, Buy Her That Gift Card

We know that to many, buying a gift card is not a favored option especially when it comes to a Mother’s Day gift. It’s the kind of gift reserved for people who we barely know and have no idea what to get them. Thing is, when all else fails, it’s a great last resort option especially when you buy specific kinds of gift cards like the Alshaya card can be used in all types of stores including Starbucks, Debenhams or the Body Shop.

Let’s be clear, as it is not the most thought-out or personal option, there are a few scenarios when you can go for it as your last resort. There’s the situation where you are super busy with work and there are three days left until Mother’s Day and it’s probably your only quick gift solution. Another would be if you have been the kind of son or daughter who managed to always go all out for Mother’s Day, every single year to the point where this year, you are stumped and have no idea what to get. Whatever your reason, gift cards can still be great and they will offer your mom the freedom to splurge on literally anything.

So with that, you have plenty of options when it comes to gifting your mom on this special occasion. With many of these gifts, it’s good to get a head start especially with the personalized jar as well as any of the online products as many of them will need at least one to two days to be shipped to your home.

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