Best Services Which Help You in Hiring in 2020

How do you find the perfect person for your company? There are numerous job portals available, but selecting the correct one can be a challenging task. You and your company surely won’t be satisfied with a mediocre candidate who is not the best at what you need. Therefore, you should opt for hiring services that you can rely on. Here are some of the best services that you will need in 2020. Also, find what they offer and whether you will have to pay something to have the opportunity to use them or not.


When it comes to hiring employees, there isn’t a better platform than Indeed. It is one of the most reliable premium sites in the world of recruiting. Since 2010, Indeed is one of the most trafficked job sites in the US. There are a variety of job posting methods available. Employers can opt for the PPC (Pay Per Click) model. This allows them to set a maximum budget as well as the amount that they are willing to pay for every click aside. Indeed is perfect for recruiters from around the globe and especially for low skill jobs. There are many employees who go with resume writers reviews to find the best one to get resumes written for them. 

The costs on the job portal are lower when compared to other platforms, which is a great advantage. Here, recruiters will have to pay only $1 for every candidate that they want to contact. Post a job on Indeed and see how quickly you receive a large number of applications.


Craigslist is another famous job portal. Even though they haven’t made a lot of changes to their user interface since 1995, it remains one of the best-recruiting sites that one can opt for. The low-cost usage makes it a great resource for the majority of the companies in the US. Those that have entry-level and blue-collar jobs might not be able to find a better platform than Craigslist to recruit people.

It is a simple and effective portal that can get some quality applications. However, make sure you do not put your official company email address as it will be flooded with emails.


Even though Glassdoor is known as a platform where employees can post comments about the company, it is one of the best sites to get quality employees. This fast-growing platform has great recruitment options. However, to get effective results, one should have a strong profile. Most of the employees on Glassdoor prefer companies that have a well-thought working culture and authentic reviews. Glassdoor also has a trial period of 7 days, where one can post ten jobs. Post the trial period, recruiters will have to pay $199 per job. The pricing strategies are significantly high on Glassdoor, which can be a major disadvantage.

Glassdoor is an amazing platform to hire skilled personnel. Most of the employees have college degrees and great education, which is the requirement for many industries. So, if the company can spend proper time to build a profile and have authentic reviews, getting results from Glassdoor is simple.


Proven is a great hiring tool that will blast your job posts across 100 different platforms. They also have an applicant tracking system. Companies are required to create the job, and then Proven will take it all across the boards. All the applicants will come to the dashboard on Proven, and from there, one can manage them properly. With Proven, recruiters can also integrate with boards such as Monster, Indeed, Craigslist, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. 

There is also a free trial period of 5 days when posting jobs is free. For the trial period, recruiters will have to pay $99. Proven is a great platform for small businesses in hospitality, sales, and other office work-related jobs. It is a perfect solution for every company that is looking to list jobs of many platforms. Even the mobile application is really handy and free to download. 


LinkedIn is a platform that every recruiter is familiar with. Even though it is a business network, the job board of LinkedIn is known for its significant results. Millions of people use the site and have detailed profiles. Therefore, getting to know about employee’s education history and other details will be easy for recruiters. On LinkedIn, recruiters can set maximum and daily budgets.

The search tool of the platform is powerful, and finding jobs as well as employees is simple and hassle-free. However, LinkedIn only makes sense for those recruiters who offer a large volume of jobs. The main reason behind that is that the license of the tool is worth $8000 per year. Hire employees for high-end white-collar jobs on LinkedIn easily.


There are more than 80 million job seekers registered on the platform. Moreover, it is free. However, after the trial period, job posts will cost $89 per 30 days. Snagajob is the perfect place to find people who will work for you hourly. The application is also effective and easy to use. 


Similar to Proven, ZipRecruiter allows recruiters to post jobs on over 100 job boards at once. It also has software where recruiters can message candidates and evaluate them. All this is possible on a single interface. There is a trial period. However, once it is over, recruiters will be required to pay $199 for every job that they want to post.

To sum up, with these useful hiring services, you can easily find the right person for your company in no time. These have different pros and cons and depending on the requirements of your company, you can pick up the best. Make sure the platform fits your requirements as it must be perfect to take your company forward.

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