Baladi Dogs’ Owners Will Convince You Why They’re The Best Breed

There has always been a misconception regarding Egyptian Baladi dogs; or as some call them street dogs. Those who love raising animals tend to worry about aggression, yet lately, things have taken a turn in the right direction. Multiple dog owners, as well as organizations, have been raising awareness regarding the native best friend.

Many have started adopting Baladi dogs with the help of initiatives created by ESMA ‘Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals’,  BBC Arabia just interviewed Baladi dogs’ parents and they gave us all the reasons we need to fall in love with their little babies.

تعرف على مزايا الكلب البلدي المصري

تعرف على مزايا الكلب البلدي المصري مقارنة مع الكلاب الأجنبية

Posted by BBC Arabic on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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