50 Years of Prestige: Azza Fahmy Releases her Authentic And Inspiring Autobiography

Inspiring and internationally acclaimed jewelry designer, Azza Fahmy, just celebrated the launch of her autobiography titled “Never Ending Dreams.” On October 10th, the launch was celebrated in an event and in presence of a panel graced by lawyer Ziad Bahaa El-Din, and Mohammed Rashad, the owner of the Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House, the publisher of her autobiography, among many notable others.

The autobiography is as authentic and inspiring as the visionary designer is. In “Never Ending Dreams,” Azza Fahmy describes her journey in colloquial Arabic. In the 400-page book, Fahmy details her journey from being a little girl living in upper Egypt, to her earning an apprenticeship at male dominated jewelry workshops in Khan Al Khalili. Moreover, it took her three years and about 30 drafts to reach the final version of her autobiography. This achievement was brought about as a labor of love by Fahmy herself, as her friends insisted that she put her life on paper. As the Azza Fahmy brand celebrated its 50th anniversary back in 2019, it was the final push the designer needed to document her inspiring personal success story.

Some of the subjects that Fahmy touches upon are reflections on her family, and how they immersed her in Egyptian culture and instilled in her the love for heritage and knowledge through reading. Fahmy’s resilience and unrelenting nature led her to be the first-ever female goldsmith with a professional practitioner’s license. An English translation of her autobiography will be available soon for all readers.

We implore all young ambitious creatives, designers or not, to find inspiration within the folds of Azza Fahmy’s odyssey to being a world-renowned designer, entrepreneur, and genuine person.

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